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eBay or Garage Sale? Which to use? How to decide when selling your stuff.
By Gerald the Garage Sale Gnome
Friday, 4 July 2008
Category : Tips and Hints | 0 COMMENTS | 18704 VIEWS
Which is better, ebay or garage sales? Although the popularity of ebay and online auctions sites are huge, for some, the instant income and satisfaction of selling goods via the more traditional way is still more appropriate. In this article we look at both the pros and cons of both methods. ... read more
How To Spot Treasures At Garage Sales
By Gerald the Garage Sale Gnome
Saturday, 28 June 2008
Category : Tips and Hints | 0 COMMENTS | 14847 VIEWS
How do you spot treasures at garage sales? Do you browse ebay to get an idea of what the potential resale value is? Do you frequent garage sales in the hope that you might stumble upon something valuable? In this article we look at various methods that may help you find hidden treasures. ... read more
Big Bright Red Garage Sale Signs!
Garage Sale Pricing - How to price your items at a garage sale
By John Romaine
Monday, 2 June 2008
Category : Tips and Hints | 0 COMMENTS | 52910 VIEWS
One of the most difficult decisions in having your sale is deciding about garage sale pricing. You wish to make a profit, but you don't want to scare customers away by asking too much. So how do you decide a fair price? Read on... ... read more
7 steps to having a successful Garage Sale - How best to be successful on your big day
By John Romaine
Monday, 2 June 2008
Category : Tips and Hints | 0 COMMENTS | 20052 VIEWS
Garage sales have been around for a long time - they are a way to get rid of stuff that you no longer use or have a need for. But don't think of garage sales as just getting ridding of old junk - if you take it seriously and with a bit of organisation you can make some good money. In this article we list several basic steps, tips and hints that should be kept in mind for having a successful garage sale. ... read more
Do's and Dont's of holding a Garage Sale
By John Romaine
Monday, 2 June 2008
Category : Tips and Hints | 0 COMMENTS | 22597 VIEWS
There are some basic, common sense rules to follow when holding a garage sale. I like to call them Do's and Dont's - certain things that if done correctly will make your garage sale a pleasant success and if neglected, well, let's just say that its always best to ensure you abide by the Do's rather than the Don'ts! Here's a very simple guide to be mindful of when holding your garage sale. ... read more
Garage Sale ideas and tips from a frugal Mum - Part 2
By Deborah Taylor-Hough
Monday, 2 June 2008
Category : Tips and Hints | 0 COMMENTS | 17288 VIEWS
In the previous article, we talked about some simple tips to help make your next Garage or Yard Sale your most profitable ever. Here are a few more ideas that I gleaned from my successful (beyond my wildest dreams!) sale from last summer. ... read more
Garage Sale ideas and tips from a frugal Mum - Part 1
By Deborah Taylor-Hough
Monday, 2 June 2008
Category : Tips and Hints | 0 COMMENTS | 28047 VIEWS
Spring Cleaning -- or even just a thorough decluttering of your house anytime of year -- is a wonderful accomplishment. Everything is fresh and clean. Doesn't it feel great? But what do you do with all those junky doo-dads (I mean "treasures") rescued out of the closets and garage and now needing to find new homes? Making a few extra pennies by holding a Garage/Yard Sale could be just the ticket ... read more
Pot plants, scribbled signs and painted red microwave ovens.
By Gerald the Garage Sale Gnome
Sunday, 1 June 2008
Category : Tips and Hints | 0 COMMENTS | 16138 VIEWS
Katie 36, a school teacher from Lorn in New South Wales, decided that the best way to reduce her costs and stress during her move interstate to Runaway Bay, Queensland, was to hold a garage sale. In this interview Katie shares with us, an insight into her experiences with how her garage sale went and some advice for others as to what to be mindful of when holding a garage sale. ... read more
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Finding bargains at garage sales - a buyers guide
By John Romaine
Thursday, 22 May 2008
Category : Tips and Hints | 0 COMMENTS | 15413 VIEWS
Opportunities of a lifetime usually come once a week. And this is true for garage sale enthusiasts out to find those incredible bargains. But what happens when you miss out on those items worth a fortune that you could have picked up for $2. In this article John covers some basic rules that apply to buyers and what they should be mindful of when searching for those cheap items. ... read more


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