Top 5 Garage Sale Tips for Enthusiastic Bargain Hunters
By John Romaine
Tuesday, 22 September 2009
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Okay, lets face it, its hard to have self control when you know there are bargains to be had. Especially when those bargains are up for grabs and you could potentially lose out if you get there too late! If ever you've put together a list of garage sales in your area, you know all too well, just how easy it can be to simply jump in the ute and head off in all directions, with nothing more than a smile on your face and cash in hand.

So what exactly should I be mindful of before heading out for the day visiting garage sales? Here are my top 5 tips for all those bargain hunters that are scrambling out this weekend in search of some great bargains.

1. Have breakfast.

If you're anything like me, you cant function without breakfast. Infact, If I dont have my oats in the morning, Ill literally start chewing on someones arm. I get tired, I get cranky and Im not exactly a likeable person to be around. I dont care whether or not I can pick up a sony playstation with 50 games for $25 - I need my breakfast first! As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day - so before you jump in the kingswood wagon and head off to the other side of town - be sure to have some breakfast! Otherwise you'll find yourself like I did not too long ago paying $9 for a soggy tastless toasted sandwhich at some take out shop!

2. Dont forget your refidex or GPS!

Theres nothing worse than driving half way across town to find yourself back streeting to where you "thought" the garage sale was. Have you ever felt any more frustrated? Left right left right, right again, reverse, ask the locals for directions, stop at a servo. Oh boy - Its about at this stage where you simply just want to go home and forget about it! Forgetting your GPS, refidex or the actual address of the garage sale is like Paul Hogan forgetting his esky.

3. Dont forget your rope!

Have you ever driven from the other side of the city in your mates ute at a snails pace, with every man and his dog following you whilst you watch the mirrors hoping that the fridge you just loaded doesnt slide off the side and cause absolute mayhem? I have, and its not exactly funny, being honked at by old ladies overtaking in hyundai excels. Forgetting rope is a mistake that is easily made. You jump in your car, you get to the garage sale - you buy a pool table for $10 and then you realise you'll have to tie it down with your shoelaces so it doesnt fly off the back of the trailer. Not only is it dangerous but it could cause road accidents. Dont forget your rope!

4. Take a botle of water

This summer is bound to be a stinker. I mean, we've already had 30+ degree days in winter! I bet once you've just loaded up a fridge, a washing machine, a cupboard and a dishwasher into the back of the ute that you'll be a bit thirsty. Take my word for it - get a water bottle and keep it handy! It might seem like motherly advice - but mums are usually always right aren't they? An hours drive home, on a 40 degree day with no water, will have you attempting to drink the water from the wiper washer squirter bottle. No, I havent tried it.

5. Your wallet doofus!

Ooops, you've just spent 20 minutes haggling over a $5 toaster and guess what? You cant buy the damn thing because you've forgotten your wallet. Embarrased? A little I bet. Its not exactly fitting to scramble back to the car and pluck sticky 10c coins out of whatever that is in the console. Remember, take your wallet and no, most people dont accept eftpos - its a garage sale!

So there you have it - 5 quick tips to be mindful of before you rush out the door this saturday and head off garage saleing!