Garage Sales in Melbourne - Popular and Problematic
By Robert Polman
Sunday, 28 February 2010
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The people of Melbourne love their garage sales. It’s become a weekend ritual to scour advertisements for garage sales, then plan a route to see as many as possible in search of garage sale bargains. There is nothing better than a seller being able to pass on pre-loved goods to buyers ecstatic at finding a bargain.

The start of the weekend ritual is scouring the newspaper classifieds and listening to 3AW Buy, Swap and Sell to find out where the garage sales are, and then deciding which ones to go to first, knowing the best bargains will go early.

But Melbourne implies such a large geographical area. The Greater Melbourne Region covers a significant area, and it takes time to travel from one side to the other. Buyers have to decide how far they are prepared to travel. And they don’t have long to plan a route after reading the morning classifieds and listening to the 3AW program. Even though they can get the 3AW Buy, Swap and Sell information while they are driving, they still don’t have much information to go on.

A Garage Sale Holder needs to reach as many motivated Buyers as possible to achieve the ultimate goal of selling all their goods. Wouldn’t it be great to attract Buyers who live a greater distance from your sale? Wouldn’t it be good if you could virtually speak to your potential Buyers in such a way they decide to go the extra distance in search of your bargains?

The classifieds and radio, while excellent for attracting Buyers in your immediate area, don’t allow you to give enough reasons for Buyers to travel outside their area.

Advertising on provides the answer for Melbourne Garage Sale holders.

*   For the one low price, you can provide as much detail as you want about the items you have for sale. Highlight those special items you know Buyers will be attracted to. Tell them all about it.

*   For extra special items, add photos so the distant Buyer has a better idea of what to expect.

*   Advertise early, days or weeks before, to give Buyers plenty of time to organise their day.

*   Your address is displayed one day before your sale. The distant Buyer has plenty of time to read your ad in detail, decide to visit, and still have plenty of time to plan how to get there in time for the start of your sale.

Plan your advertisement right, and you may be surprised where some of your Buyers have travelled from.