How Our Ad View Guarantee Works
By Robert Polman
Saturday, 20 November 2010
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Get 60 full ad views on your View Counter - or your money back! * has thousands of users who are either advertising garage sale ads or looking at garage sale ads. Egaragesales is also consistently the No.1 ranking garage sales website in Australia on Google. And so, I believe an advertisement on the Egaragesales website will give garage sale holders the best chance of attracting motivated garage sale buyers to their garage sale.

While this consistently holds true for Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, other capital cities and some regional areas don't always achieve this goal for any number of reasons. So, in response to concerns from advertisers outside the three major capital cities, I have developed a no-risk, money back offer that will encourage everyone around Australia to advertise their garage sale on

So, what's the deal?

No matter where you live around Australia, I encourage you to place your ad on Egaragesales. If, by the end of your garage sale, the view counter on your garage sales ad does not show 60 or more views, then email me via the Contact Us page and tell me how many views your ad received AND your ad number (so I can check the counter).

An important thing to note here is that 60 Full Views means those people who have clicked on your ad to read it in full. Your ad will also have been viewed in summary form by many other potential buyers who don't click your ad because there's enough information in the summary view for many buyers to decide to go to your garage sale. I'm not counting these summary views as they can't be counted. They are a bonus for our advertisers.

* Another important thing to understand is that the guarantee doesn't mean that these buyers will actually go to your garage sale. No advertiser can guarantee that. There are so many variables as to why a buyer will read an ad but not go. The various reasons could easily take up a whole article and can include a buyer simply deciding to go in a different direction. And not every buyer will tell you they saw your ad on egaragesales anyway.

In summary, to make a claim under this money-back offer:

  • Keep a note of your ad number.

  • Check your ad in Manage My Ads at the end of your garage sale (too hard to find in Past Sales)

  • If the View Counter shows less than 60 views, email me to claim your refund. Include your ad number,  view counter and preferred method of refund (see next 2 points).

  • If you paid by Paypal and have a Paypal account, your ad cost will be refunded via Paypal.

  • If you paid by another method, or don't have a Paypal account, simply include your full name and postal address and the refund will be paid by cheque.

So, no more excuses for people in Tasmania to not advertise with Egaragesales. I'm confident your ads will be refunded as I don't get much feedback from Tassy.

If you have any questions about this money-back guarantee, just send me an email.

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