Advertising A Sydney Garage Sale Made Easy.
By Robert Polman
Saturday, 17 November 2012
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Advertising a garage sale in Sydney so you reach the maximum number of potential buyers can be expensive. There are over 30 newspapers covering councils and regions in and around Sydney. Many of these newspapers run classified ads including garage sale classifieds. If you're having a Sydney garage sale, advertising in your local area classifieds can be a great way to attract potential buyers -  from your local area. But do you want to limit your market to just your local area? You might be near the edge of your local newspaper's distribution area. How will you reach the people who get the neighbouring newspaper? They might only live a block away but they won't know about your sale.

These days people are prepared to travel to get a bargain. Everyone has a car and they don't mind travelling outside their local area to find a bargain they've been desperately looking for – perhaps something sitting in your garage sale. The problem is – how do you let these people know you have a garage sale happening? To reach these people through newspaper classifieds, you might have to advertise in up to 5 newspapers that surround your area – and this becomes expensive.

But the other thing people are prepared to do these days is search the internet to find bargains they want. What if you could advertise once, for a once-only small fee, so that anyone prepared to travel to your neighbourhood, no matter where they live, will know you have a garage sale on? is a garage sales web site that is dedicated to helping garage sale holders and garage sale bargain hunters find each other to buy and sell goods. Egaragesales is a great place to advertise your garage sale  to people who can live anywhere from your neighbourhood to the other side of the country. There are no locality boundaries or distribution zones with Egaragesales. I've had feedback from people going on holidays who look at garage sales coming up in the area they are going to so they can do a bit of bargain hunting while they are there. It does happen.

To put this into dollar and cents terms, let's assume someone is prepared to drive for an hour to grab a bargain. Starting at your place, draw a circle on a map showing how far you could get to in an hour by car. Check the regions in the circle and see how many newspapers cover this area. Egaragesales allows you to advertise to this area – and beyond –  as far in advance as you like, for just $10. What would be the cost of advertising in all the newspapers that cover this area? And remember, a newspaper ad only lasts a few days. An Egaragesales ad lasts for as long as you like.

Sydney garage sales needn't be hard or expensive to advertise. Bargain hunters are scouring the web site looking for bargains in your area. Why not include your garage sale on Egaragesales so they can find yours? Attract more people to your garage sale. Place your garage sales ad on Egaragesales.

Egaragesales - helping buyers and sellers meet - no matter where they live!