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By John Romaine
Friday, 15 August 2008
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Gone are the days of silly newspaper cut off points and limited word ads. How about advertising your garage sale days, weeks or even months in advance. Can you imagine the amount of people rushing down your driveway with that kind of exposure!

This is just one of the benefits of advertising online as opposed to the newspaper. Better, more immediate exposure. Today I noticed that a member had re-advertised with us promoting their garage sale at Forest Lake. This is a popular area in Brisbane's southern suburbs well known for weekend garage sales. Quite often Ill see numerous signs posted up on the roadside in this area.

Anyway, these people have advertised with me before as I remember popping in and saying gday and having a dig through their items and asking how they were doing. I recall them saying that they had paid over $45 for newspaper advertising and next time wouldnt bother with that and just advertise online. 

Well this time they have done just that, and taken advantage of our 'hide address' feature which allows you to promote your garage sale well in advance, whilst upholding your privacy, thus preventing annoying early birds.

You can see their ad here.

You will notice that their garage sale isnt on until September 6 but they have listed their items today! 3 weeks in advance! This is a sure fire way of ensuring you offload your stuff and make some quick cash.

Better exposure and smarter advertising - be sure to consider advertising in advance next time you are considering having a garage sale.

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