7 Tips On How To Place A Better Garage Sale Ad
By John Romaine
Wednesday, 12 November 2008
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Ok so you have everything ready for the big day. You've organised what you want to sell, and what day you intend on having your garage sale.

All you need to do now is place your ad right?

Easy! What could possibly go wrong?


Quite often I see ads that are placed on egaragesales.com.au that could be so much better. So much more descriptive and interesting. Especially the shorter ads with very simple details about what is actually on sale, or perhaps other ads that are just begging for photos!

So before you place your ad, read these 7 tips. It may be just one tip that you read that puts more $$$ in your pocket.


It still amazes me. The amount of people advertising at 11pm Friday night for a garage sale starting at 6am the next day. Whilst its great to have them advertise with us, its not exactly very effective in terms of exposure. Remember, smart advertising is advertising in advance. Unlike the newspaper, you have the power as an advertiser to place your ad weeks ahead and hide your actual address so that you dont have annoying early birds banging on your door days before your sale.


Imagine just how many more people you are likely to attract simply by uploading photos of your stuff. People love visuals, especially if you have quality items on sale such as furnitue, antiques, childrens toys, etc etc etc. People are more likely to jump in their cars and travel for miles just to get that one item they saw online. For what its worth (an extra $5) by uploading photos, you really can attract more interest and make bigger profits.


Try to list AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE in your ad. Remember, unlike newspapers, there is NO WORD COUNT LIMITATION. So, why not take advantage of that? Instead of listing a short description of your items in 20 words or less, try to list almost everything you have on sale. This way, it may be just ONE ITEM on your list that attracts a potential buyer that ends up buying HEAPS. Wouldnt it be great to have someone pop in for a toaster, but they end up leaving with over $900 worth of stuff? Again, try to list as much as possible in your ad!


You'd think this would be a no brainer, but suprisingly enough it isnt. So many times ads are placed with the wrong city, or the wrong suburb, or the street name is spelt wrong. It is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that your address is correct so that people can actually find you!

eg, Springfield lakes, BRISBANE Qld 4300 - not - Springfield lakes, Springfield lakes Qld 4300


Instead of just typing in "Garage Sale" - why not get a little adventurous and try something like "MEGA GARAGE SALE!" or "Rumble in the Jumble". Although a little cheesy at times, headlines really are the first things people read, and are bound to capture peoples attention.


Would you like to buy my "tabel" or what about my "telivishion set"? Bad spelling and grammar in your ad only makes it more difficult for the reader. Try to be careful when entering in your details that you use correct spelling and grammar.


These things literally pay for themselves. It goes without saying, the more roadside signs you have the better. The more people will notice your sale, the more people you attract, and the more money you can make. It may be a few more bucks, but honestly, picking up signs when you place your ad is a smart thing to do. For those who arent aware, you have this option when placing your ad.

So there you go. It really does pay to be mindful of these things. So next time before you rush through your ad, take your time and put a little bit of thought into it. It might be that little bit of extra effort that lands you more $$$ on the day.