Moving Garage Sale - How To Move House and Never Pay For Removalists EVER!
By John Romaine
Tuesday, 3 March 2009
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Lets face it, moving house sucks. Especially if you're doing it more than once or twice a year. Or for some, numerous times a year, even up to half a dozen. It can be one of the most stressful times of your life. Having to box everything, label, organise, pack, unpack, disconnect services, organise reconnection of services, change your postal address, update your details with each and everyone, endless phone calls, removalists, screaming kids, barkging dogs, loading up, unpacking - oh god, just the thought of it makes my head spin!.

I myself have to admit, I try to do either one of two things when I have to move.

A) I try to limit the amount of stuff that I have to shift, which typically means either giving stuff away, ditching it, or selling it OR

B) Try not to move at all, or at least limit the amount of times I need to! And when I do, I whinge the whole time! Grrrrr!

In addition to all of this, most often times than not, you have the costs of moving. This in itself can be a bigger expense than originally thought, and one that can come as a surprise. In particular, if you're moving interstate. Whether you're hiring a van, a trailer, removalists, a truck, or even paying for boxes or packaging, at the end of your day you open your wallet to see one big empty hole where the money was with a few moths flying out!

Now if youre smart about it, you can do yourself a big favour and NEVER pay another cent towards moving. Imagine how that would feel if other people actually paid for you to move? Great huh? Be even better if they boxed all your stuff and moved you as well too huh? Okay Im pushing it - but it would be nice!

Okay so you're probably wondering how on earth this could be possible right? Why, or who in their right mind would want to PAY to move me and my families stuff half way around the country?

The answer is simple, and here it is .....Hold a MOVING SALE! 

Thats right, a moving sale, which really is just a garage sale with a fancy name, but it typically gathers more interest. Why? Because people can be confident in knowing that there's going to be some FANTASTIC bargains because the people who are moving almost HAVE to offload their unwanted stuff because they cant take it with them! In addition to this, quite often theres also more on offer - you're gauranteed a bargain!

Now think about it. If your removalist costs and any other miscellaneous expenses such as fuel and what not total up to say, $900 then you really shouldnt have any issues raising that kind of money by holding a moving sale. I mean, if you have a FULL HOUSEHOLD of stuff to chose from, or your garage is absolutely chockers, then surely you could onsell some of these items to put towards shifting costs, right?

Even if your costs are $1,500 and you raise $800 having a garage sale, (or moving sale if you like) then you've just saved yourself not only $800 but you've also cleared out a lot of crap that you would have otherwise had to have packed! So now, your costs are just $700 instead of $1,500!!

Can you say - YIPPEE!!

It really can be just that easy and simple.

So there you go, if you're about to move house this is a really simple way of having other people pay for your removalists costs and moving expenses. Its simple, it works and it is bound to save you TIME, MONEY and a great deal of worry!

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