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Home > Tips and Hints > Its All Too Hard - How To Have A Garage Sale The Lazy Mans Guide

Its All Too Hard - How To Have A Garage Sale The Lazy Mans Guide
By John Romaine
Thursday, 7 May 2009
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About the Author

John Romaine

John is the founder and creator of egaragesales. He takes care of everything, right through from developing the site, to writing articles, assisting members and sitting up til 3am sending out garage sale signs and answering emails. His interests include bodybuilding and e-commerce.

John Romaine has written 59 article(s) for egaragesales.

Ill be honest, I'm pretty lazy. I want things to be easy. I want the biggest rewards for the least amount of effort. This may ring true for many others too. I mean, why bust your butt for nothing? Why spend all day, organising everything into neat groups or boxes, labelling everything, pricing items, placing items on display, organising signage, advertising, change for the day blah blah blah.

It all seems to hard right? Well maybe not. I've met many people that have said to me, "Yeah we were thinking about having a garage sale, but it all seems like too much hard work.."

Well dont distress, there is hope for us lazy people yet!

Okay so you've decided you *might* have a garage sale, but you've got some more important things to do first. They are...

1. Having a cuppa coffee or a beer on the porch
2. Reading the local newspaper or gossip magazine.
3. Fidding around with old HG holden station wagon in the shed.
4. Laying by the pool or watching a bit of telly.

Alright, so a month passes and you have that important stuff out of the way. Now before you make any more excuses, lets get serious about this. Besides, you need the extra cash to invest into more leisurely activities right? Absolutely!

So lets get started, here is the lazy mans guide for having a garage sale.

1. Advertise on You know it makes sense, especially if you're lazy. Why? Because you can advertise your garage sale months in advance, and lay back and do bugger all during that time! Pretty cool huh? Ahhh, time for another beer. Wait, you'd better grab some garage sale signs as well. You'll need these to get the word out on the street. Okay, 4 signs ordered, done.

2. Oh crap, its only a week before the actual day - better get cracking. Okay so where to start? Heres an idea...head down the local shop and get yourself 5 or 6 large boxes. While you're out pop your signs up on the side of the road, where they'll get some exposure. And dont forget to ask at the shop for some small change, you'll need it on the day. Once home, chuck everything into boxes, marked "everything in this box, $5, everything in this box $10, everything in here make an offer" 

Catch my drift? Surely chucking stuff in boxes isnt hard! Or is it?

3. You've just spent the last hour working pretty hard. Better have a nap on the couch. Hmm, whats on telly?

4. Uh oh, 4 days before garage sale mania starts. What have we done? We advertised on the internet, we have stuff ready in boxes. Our signs are up. Okay what now. A nap? No.

5. Lets get some garage sale flyers out. Ill print off a whole bunch of these and get my 12 year old nephew to do a letter box drop around my streets. So you give your nephew $30 and say "here pop these into as many letterboxes as you can, Im off to watch the footy...let me know when you're done." Hes happy, you're lazy - its a win win for everyone.

6. So thats the signs up, the flyers out, and our stuff in boxes - whats left to do? Not much, more telly?

7. Were pretty much done. Roll up the door, open the gates and have a seat in that fold out chair. Ahhh, who said garage sales are hard work?

8. Celebrate your earnings with a cold beer.

So there you have it, the lazy mans guide to garage sales - pretty easy huh? No more excuses, no more procrastination! Get in there and get it done.

Mate, must be time for some more footy, I'm tired just from thinking about it. Aahhhh, yes, the couch.

PS. For those who aren't so lazy and want to do it right be sure to check out our garage sale checklist.

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