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Home > Tips and Hints > Garage Sale Signs - Everything You Need To Know

Garage Sale Signs - Everything You Need To Know
By John Romaine
Wednesday, 3 June 2009
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About the Author

John Romaine

John is the founder and creator of egaragesales. He takes care of everything, right through from developing the site, to writing articles, assisting members and sitting up til 3am sending out garage sale signs and answering emails. His interests include bodybuilding and e-commerce.

John Romaine has written 59 article(s) for egaragesales.

Lets face it, garage sale signs are an absolute must have when holding a garage sale. Without them you really dont stand a chance in terms of attracting potential buyers and making any sales, especially if you're tucked away in a backstreet off the main road. Quite often, a lot of disregard is given to roadside signage, and it is often a "last minute thing", to quickly scribble on a peice of old cardboard, then whack it on the nearest lampost. 

I'm sure most of us have driven past a garage sale sign, and thought "What the hell did that say? What street was it....?" Its usually at that point that we decide its too hard to turn back and just keep on driving. This is especially true if its a busy road.

Now for some reason, bad signage continues to happen. In my local neighbourhood, I see it every weekend. Just last week I saw a peice of A4 paper, actually attached to a roundabout sign with string! It was written on with a yellow texter that even superman would have squinted at from a few yards. I must have driven past that sign at least a dozen times over a period of at least 5 days and I still had no idea what it said. Can you imagine just how many other people missed it too?

Anyway, the point of this article is to not only emphasise the importance of clear, readable roadside signs, but to take a quick look at some key points when it comes to signage. Here are a few notations off the top of my head regarding both signs, and questions that have been put forward via email from members asking about our signs.

1. Whats the most important thing when it comes to garage sale signs?
Clear, readable signage is absolutely critical. I think Ive said this to death. If you scribble on a piece of A4 paper with a yellow crayon, expect to sit in the garage all day long with very little to do. Seems like a no brainer, but people still get this one wrong!

2. Im having a garage sale, and I want to put signs up, where am I allowed to do so?
When placing your garage sale signs within your neighbourhood, it is essential that you abide by all local laws as stated within your governing council. Be sure that wherever you place your signs that you do so with peoples safety in mind as well. Believe it or not, Ive seen signs posted on stop signs, keep left signs and give way signs. Not good! Typically council turns a blind eye to garage sale signs, so most often than not, you will be okay. Im certainly not suggesting by any means that you dont follow local laws! From what Ive been told, residents are only allowed to place garage sale signs on their own properties, such as driveways or yard frontages. But as most of us know, this isnt always the case.

3. The signs that sell, how long do they take to arrive once Ive placed an order?
Our signs are almost always sent off the same day as the orders are placed. This means that there is typically very little delays with order processing at our end, however once the packages are with Australia Post it is no longer under our control. Signs take between 2 to 3 days to arrive at their destination. I can safely say that this figure is always most likely to be THREE DAYS. The signs are being sent from Brisbane, to various places within the country, so if you order signs on a Tuesday, you will be most likely to receive them by Friday. I always encourage people NOT to order signs if its later in the week, as they just wont get there on time! Remember, advertise early and get your signs on time!

4. Ive used my signs, they were great in attracting more people, now what?
DONT THROW THEM OUT! I always tell people who buy garage sale signs, not to throw them away! Why? Because you can reuse them over and over and over again! If you use a nikko pen or a permanent marker on your signs, you can wipe them clean using a bit of metholated spirits and a cloth, and reuse them if ever you decide to have another garage sale! This saves you both time and money! Be sure though when cleaning your signs that you dont wipe away the actual red colouring which reads "Garage Sale" on your sign!

5. I ordered signs and they didnt arrive - how can I get a refund?
If your signs dont arrive please contact me immediately, and I will do everything I can to organise a refund. Obviously refunds wont be given if you have supplied the wrong postal address! You need to ensure you provide your address accurately so that I can get them to you! In the near future customers will have the option to have signs sent using registered post, for an additional $3. This will allow tracking of the item and recovery if lost in transit.

6. How big are the signs that egaragesales sell?
Our signs are 600 X 450 and stand out big time! They are bright read and simply cant be missed!

7. Are they weather proof? What happens if it rains? Will they just become floppy and blow away in the wind?
Not at all. Our signs are made of 5mm corflute, just like traditional real estate signs, and are 100% weather proof!

I hope this article answers some questions and helps clarify a few points about our signs and how best to use them. If you have any further questions or comments please post them below and I will do my best to answer them.

If you dont want to worry about the hassle of having to make your own signs - save time and purchase our fantastic weatherproof garage sale signs HERE.

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