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Home > Tips and Hints > How to have a garage sale when you dont have a garage!

How to have a garage sale when you dont have a garage!
By Gerald the Garage Sale Gnome
Monday, 11 August 2008
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Gerald the Garage Sale Gnome

Gerald the garden gnome, an original member of the egaragesales team, co-directs the business daily and is a garage sale enthusiast at heart. Gerald served as weekend support and part time tea and scone maker when egaragesales launched in 2004, before joining the administrative team two years later. He became the team's chief postal correspondent, sending off garage sale sign orders as well as making frequent appearances on the website. If you have a question for Gerald dont hesitate in sending him an email. He likes the attention.

Gerald the Garage Sale Gnome has written 10 article(s) for egaragesales.

With home garage or yard sales there is some degree of risk in terms of criminal activity and violence, primarily due to the wandering eyes of "shoppers" who have come onto your personal property. For those who live in an apartment or townhouse, this risk is even greater as there is almost no way to avoid allowing these "shoppers" into your home rather than limiting to a garage or yard.

The key to a successful, and safe, sale out of your apartment will lie in your ability to move items to the breezeway or front lawn area of the apartment, thereby reducing traffic into your actual home. But, because many apartment and townhouse managers do not approve of such activity, you will need to advertise your sale early to drive business within a specified number of hours.

Creating a flyer is a great way to attract local garage sale and yard sale shoppers to your apartment sale. Creating the flyer with appealing graphics, and then limiting the hours of the sale to, say, two hours, will drive the traffic from within your own apartment complex during the limited time you are holding the sale. The ideal day to distribute the flyer is usually on or about Wednesday, if you plan to hold your sale on Saturday or Sunday. Also, be sure to limit your hours to those times when your fellow apartment and condominium residents are likely to be moving about; usually between 9am and 11am or 4pm and 7pm.

If you must allow garage sale shoppers to enter your apartment or townhouse, the best way to control the risk of criminal activity is to limit the space used for the sale. Closing off all bedroom and bathroom doors and limiting the sale to, say, the living room or dining room is your best solution.

Additionally, if shoppers must enter your apartment to gain access to your apartment sale items, be sure to cover or move expensive electronics and collectibles so they are out of view from the clients who will be entering your personal space.

While garage and yard sales can be quite profitable, those individuals who live in the major metropolitan cities, may find some difficulty in conducting a similar sale out of an apartment. To reduce the risk of becoming a victim to criminal acts during, and after, your apartment sale, use these simple techniques, limiting hours and space.

As a side note - It is always polite to inform your neighbours of your intentions to hold a garage sale. Who knows, they may wish to join you!

The original article may be found here - click here

DATE SUBMITTED : Saturday, 18 October 2008
Is it possible to have an 'off site' garage sale?

I just want to load up a removal van with all the stuff I don't want any more and let someone else price it, sell it take what's left over to the dump and we split the takings 50-50.

Does anyone do that?

SUBMITTED BY : John Romaine (Website Owner)
DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 19 October 2008
Thats an interesting question Mick, and not one that I've had before.

Off the top of my head I guess you would have to consider...

1. Ensuring the person who takes your stuff, actually comes back!
2. They are trustworthy, and split the sales profits 50/50
3. You would have to contribute towards removal costs and waste disposal costs also.
4. They abide by local laws when onselling your stuff.
5. Your pricing is clarified before the day of the sale

Obviously these are just off the top of my head -- but it sure makes for an interesting thought!

Best of luck.

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