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Home > Garage Sales General > Top 10 Reasons Why It No Longer Makes Sense to Advertise In the Newspaper

Top 10 Reasons Why It No Longer Makes Sense to Advertise In the Newspaper
By John Romaine
Thursday, 28 August 2008
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About the Author

John Romaine

John is the founder and creator of egaragesales. He takes care of everything, right through from developing the site, to writing articles, assisting members and sitting up til 3am sending out garage sale signs and answering emails. His interests include bodybuilding and e-commerce.

John Romaine has written 59 article(s) for egaragesales.

In an age of technology revolution, why is it that most people are still intent on advertising their garage sales in the newspaper? What drives people to do everything online, including shopping, looking for vehicles, buying property, pay bills, and email friends and family, yet they still persist to advertise their garage sales in a media that is rapidly dying - the newspaper.

Ive never quite been able to get my head around it. According to many recent surveys, people are now spending more time online than they are watching television, and in addition to this, there are now something like 200 million people using the internet everyday.

Each weekend, hundreds if not thousands of garage sales are advertised in daily newspapers, and just a few dozen make it online. It seems that this particular market place is yet to shift to the web, but until people realise this, they will be stuck in the past. Ive actually visited forums online where people are asking ONLINE where to advertise their garage sales, only to be told the NEWSPAPER! 

The advantages of advertising online are huge. Below are the top ten reasons why it just doesnt make sense to advertise in the newspapers and how the web will eventually change the way we experience garage sales.

1. Advertising online is CHEAPER.

Everybody wants to save money right? Now the difference between advertising online as opposed to the web are obvious. For a small 3 line ad, perhaps 20-25 words in the local newspaper, the costs can range from anywhere up to $45. For a basic ad on - JUST $10

2. Advertising online is FASTER, and more immediate.

As opposed to advertising in the newspaper, where you have to literally *wait* for it to be published, advertising online is immediate and without fuss. You place your ad and it goes live immediately. Its up and running and viewable to millions of people NOW. Not in 3 days time where it may only be seen for the actual day.

3. Advertising online offers better PRIVACY and exposure.

When placing an ad with egaragesales you can advertise months in advance if you wish and hide your address until just before the day of your garage sale. This allows you to promote your garage sale WELL in advance without early birds banging on your door beforehand. With a newspaper, you place your ad, your address is posted regardless and you're only advertising maybe 3-4 days in advance - if that.

4. No limitations or restrictions.

Unlike newspapers where you have to ensure you "get in" before the silly cut off point which is typically mid-week, you can advertise online ANYTIME before the day of your garage sale and know that it will be seen regardless. Advertising your garage sale online allows you to place your ad with no word count limitations, no line restrictions and no penalties if you do make your ad a little longer.

5. Newspaper medium is rapidly declining.

Lets face it, newspapers today aren't as popular as they used to be, especially with younger generations where newspapers have never played a significant role. There are so many other information mediums today available which make so much more sense. In addition to this, many newspaper organisations are run by large companies that are reluctant to change because of their ingrained belief that they are the superior, serious, worthwhile medium, while things electronic mediums are trivial or faddish. With the possible exception of network-TV newscasts, papers are now our least hip medium, relentlessly one-way, non-interactive, and smug. And lastly, control of the marketplace. These big organisations, I believe are worried. They've controlled the marketplace for so long and cashed in without competition until now. Ive tried numerous times to promote within the garage sale sections of various large newspapers, only to be told "no, you're a threat to us..."
6. Online flexibility.

Unlike newspaper ads you can always jump online and change your ad. You can update your photos, change the date or remove your ad completey if circumstances change. Try doing that in a newspaper!

7. Garage sales in the newspaper aren't visual. 

Advertising online allows you to upload photos and be far more interactive. By uploading photos you can really showcase your items and attract more potential customers knowing that you are only bound to make more money!

8. Convenience. 

Garage sales online are convenient. You can sit at home in your underwear from the comfort of your own lounge room browsing dozens of listings without having to drive down the local shop for a newspaper. Not only that, but with garage sale notifications, your inbox will be full of upcoming garage sales in your area!

9. Relevancy.

Information printed yesterday is no longer relevant. Print medium isnt current like online technologies which are constantly being updated and revised in real time.

10. Newspapers are for wrapping fish and chips

Newspapers are better suited for wrapping fish and chips, not advertising garage sales - I rest my case.

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