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Home > Tips and Hints > Benefits of Combining a Garage Sale and the Sale of Your Own Home

Benefits of Combining a Garage Sale and the Sale of Your Own Home
By Gerald the Garage Sale Gnome
Tuesday, 30 September 2008
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About the Author

Gerald the Garage Sale Gnome

Gerald the garden gnome, an original member of the egaragesales team, co-directs the business daily and is a garage sale enthusiast at heart. Gerald served as weekend support and part time tea and scone maker when egaragesales launched in 2004, before joining the administrative team two years later. He became the team's chief postal correspondent, sending off garage sale sign orders as well as making frequent appearances on the website. If you have a question for Gerald dont hesitate in sending him an email. He likes the attention.

Gerald the Garage Sale Gnome has written 10 article(s) for egaragesales.

Now here's a few tips to maximize the marketing of your garage sale and your home sale: Don't have your garage sale before you list your home. Work with your Realtor to co-ordinate a public real estate "Open House" at the same time as your Garage Sale. If done right there can be some real benefits. Firstly, most people hold garage sales first thing in the morning and most garage sale hunters are attuned to this time. Secondly, many garage sale hunters are home owners/buyers or know of someone who is. Thirdly, most real estate open houses are done in the late afternoon therefore by holding your open house in the morning you won't be competing with other homes having an open house in the area . Fourth but not last, your neighbours will usually attend or even participate in your garage sale. While most often curious neighbours are too embarrassed to go through another neighbours open house this gives them the opportunity to do so and even gives you the chance to promote your listing to them. Remember, neighbours can be valuable allies in the sale of your home as they have a vested interested in the neighbourhood.

Have your Realtor print up extra colour brochures of your property listing, keep a stack by your cash box and give one to each of the buyers at your sale. Have your Realtor advertise your open house and garage sale together. Use eye catching words like: "Moving Sale" instead of "Garage Sale". Most Realtors have courtesy Garage Sale signs. Have your Realtor put out both Garage Sale signs and Open House signs. This is sure to double your exposure. Consider barbecuing hot dogs and serving soft drinks at a nominal cost to keep buyers at your sale longer thereby increasing the chances of having them view your open house. Erect a presentation board at your garage sale with interior and exterior photos of your home. Get your friends and neighbours involved in your sale by setting up there own table of items.

Here's another tip: Buy $10 or $20 bucks in lottery tickets. Offer them to your garage sale attendees in a free raffle in exchange for viewing your open house. Have them fill out a raffle ticket with their name, address, phone number, etc. and tell them to deposit the ticket in the raffle box in your home when they go through. Guess what your Realtor now has? A list of potential prospects names and numbers to follow up with later.

The other benefit of doing a garage sale and open house this way is that it's an easy way for you and the family to get out of the house while the open house is going on.

Selling a home is all a numbers game. By increasing your exposure to a higher number of prospective buyers, there is a greater likelihood of a quicker sale and a higher price.

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