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Place a Garage Sale Advertisement Need more time to think about what to put in your ad? Download
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Garage Sale Title    Choose an Attention Grabber that relates to your garage sale like "Grab a Bargain", "Renovators Sale", or "Huge Garage Sale"
Start Date of Sale click here to edit the date Click on the calendar icon to select the starting date of your garage sale.
Note: If you can't set the correct date, leave the date as shown, then start the description below with the words *start date is (the correct date)*. We will change the date for you and delete this message.
One or Two Day Sale This garage sale is on for one day only; or
This garage sale continues on the next day.
Start Time of Sale  Hour   Minutes   AM/PM
     Select the start and finish times for the first day.
Finish Time of Sale     (If times differ each day in a 2 day sale, clarify this in your description)
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  Please make sure there are no errors in your address as a map will be displayed in your ad
to help people find you easily. The map will appear only when your street is shown (see next step).
Show My Street
  You can protect your privacy and prevent people arriving days before your garage sale by selecting when you would like to show your street name. We suggest selecting 1 or 2 days before your sale.

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Give people some detail of what you're selling. There's plenty of space.

Early Birds message? When you tick this box, a message will be displayed in your ad saying Please - No Early Birds
    plus the message 'Please don’t wake us before the start time shown in this ad. We need our sleep.'
Bad Weather message? When you tick this box, a message will be displayed in your ad saying 'This garage sale will be on
    rain hail or shine
'. If the box is not ticked, the message reads 'Cancelled if weather unsuitable'
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Clothing/Accessories Collectibles Computers/Software
Electrical Footwear Furniture
Garden/Outdoor Hardware Homewares
Mechanical Miscellaneous Motor Vehicle/Bike
Music Office Stuff Pets/Hobbies
Phone/Mobile Sports Equipment Toys/Games
White Goods
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