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Have you just recently had a garage sale? Well perhaps you have some great advice or tips for others on how your garage sale went. Maybe some tips on how best to price your items, what they sold for, what sold and what didnt and how to haggle like a pro! The following articles are published so that members can share their experiences and bring together Australia's garage sale community.
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Review of our sale 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Lynette from St Clair, New South Wales 1018 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 4 June 2017
Your site is good for buyers who don't want to waste their time going to sales that really don't have anything of interest. I have had a wonderful experience with your site and highly recommend it to others. Love the tips and hints, especially reading the Do's and Don'ts. People don't realise that organising a Garage Sale and getting it right can take so muc ... read more
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Garage sale ads need more detail 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Brett from Everywhere, Queensland 1832 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Thursday, 21 July 2016
What a great web site Egaragesales is. But many advertisers don't utilise it's full potential. Time is short on Saturday morning. I need to know what is out there for sale - in detail - so i can decide which sales to go to, and in what order. But so many advertisers say simple things about their sale like "Everything is for sale". Or lots of stuff. Too much ... read more
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Big Bright Red Garage Sale Signs!
Rained out. 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Jo from Briar Hill, Victoria 1919 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Saturday, 4 June 2016
Bit of a waste of time with most of the east coast experiencing really bad weather. Maybe 8 people showed mostly they appeared to be dealers. ... read more
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Another success story 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Christine from LILYDALE, Victoria 3228 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Saturday, 31 January 2015
We had an excellent outcome to the garage sale, clearing $440 net profit! I am sure that egaragesales contributed greatly to this success. It was wonderful to have so much useful and helpful information, tips and hints, including the sale signs and flyers which brought many locals along on the day. The testimonials re success stories from others were very ... read more
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Be Careful With Private Information 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Rob from Egaragesales from Annerley, Queensland 3497 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Tuesday, 4 November 2014
A customer contacted me saying Google was displaying some details of his garage sale ad from a year ago. A mobile number was included in the description and the customer claimed to be receiving phone calls recently from the ad. While Egaragesales will allow you to include your phone number and address in your ad description, we strongly advise that after you ... read more
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Successful Weekend Garage Sale 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Paul from Thornbury, Victoria 3315 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 24 August 2014
Your website provided everything we needed (including some great advice) for a fantastic garage sale. We advertised on other sites as well, but not at all in print. Your signs were great and we had excellent attendance on the Saturday and a steady flow all day Sunday.. We had a lot of stuff (no junk) and we are moving so we really worried that we would have ... read more
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There Are Some Pitfalls Doing Garage Sales 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Amanda from Frankston, Victoria 3887 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Saturday, 3 May 2014
We had a garage sale today and I just wanted to let you know that we had a great turn out but were surprised at how many people came early and forced themselves into our property prior to the start time. We were unprepared for the attitude of these people, so I ask that you mention this in your tips and hints, so that people who have never held a garage sale ... read more
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We had a great garage sale day. Thanks. 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Adelle from Brisbane, Queensland 3809 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Monday, 25 November 2013
Thank you for your great advertising service with regards to our garage sale last week-end. We had a fantastic day on Saturday and we are telling every one how remarkable Egaragesales is for advertising our garage sale. It was also great to see the ad taken off the internet as soon as our garage sale was finished. We have noticed other sites have ads left on ... read more
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How Best to Price Your Items
garage sale ripoff 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Lu from Hawthorn, Victoria 4723 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Saturday, 16 November 2013
After we put our garage sale online, a young lady in her 20's called us and told us that she wanted to buy our fridge, she even came to our house to have a look at the fridge, then we agreed to the price($450.00). When we asked her to pay, she said she didn't have enough cash to pay and agreed to transfer money to our bank account later. So we believed her. ... read more
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Make sure you can be found! 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Wendy from Silvan, Victoria 4116 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 11 August 2013
I was looking forward to having a very big garage sale after seeing that so many people had read my garage sale ad. I was a bit disappointed on the day when not that many people actually turned up. Luckily, my big ticket items sold, so all was not in vain. I am out in the country and a bit hard to find, and Rob from Egaragesales suggested it might have been ... read more
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