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Have you just recently had a garage sale? Well perhaps you have some great advice or tips for others on how your garage sale went. Maybe some tips on how best to price your items, what they sold for, what sold and what didnt and how to haggle like a pro! The following articles are published so that members can share their experiences and bring together Australia's garage sale community.
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First time experience not too bad. 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Maria from Mulgrave, Victoria 2359 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Monday, 14 November 2011
Hi Rob This was the first Garage Sale that I have done, so I followed your site's advice and it worked well. We had a huge turn out and sold nearly 90% of our things. It was just the dregs left. Myself and my children had a ball. My daughter sold heaps. We are certainly going to make this a yearly event. Thanks again ... read more
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Very successful garage sale. 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Ken from Brighton, Victoria 10222 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Saturday, 22 October 2011
We have just had an amazing result from your services. We were deluged with people who were genuine buyers and almost all of our stuff went in the first hour! We would highly recommend you to anyone contemplating a garage sale. Our purchasers also appreciated the photos as it made it easy for them to see what they might buy. Thanks very much. ... read more
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How Best to Price Your Items
What a great website! 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Tamara from Essendon, Victoria 2117 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 16 October 2011
Thankyou so much to egaragesales for your amazing help and generosity when helping us advertise our charity garage sale. The Garage Sale signs were great and certainly caught peoples attention. We had a really good day with the rain managing to hold off and made lots of money for our charity. We had lots of people show up and although we did have a lot of ha ... read more
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Good Signs 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Cooper Davitt from Essendon, Victoria 2067 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Friday, 14 October 2011
I love the signs on this website and they are the best. ... read more
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Phone number in ad good but be careful 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Lucy from Sydney, New South Wales 1958 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 9 October 2011
I was pretty desperate to get rid of all my stuff so I put my phone number in the ad description and it really helped having my number there. I got contacted for about 4 weeks after the garage sale which is why I had to ask you to delete the ad from Past Sales. I had people there before the sale was even open. I have recommended Egaragesales to my friends ... read more
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Combined Effort 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Mark from Waverley, New South Wales 1989 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Wednesday, 31 August 2011
Thanks for promptly sending the $15 for taking part in your newspaper promotion. Our 'street' garage sale turned into more of a 'street party' with BBQs, beers, bargains and kids everywhere. I think a good day was had by all. ... read more
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Thanks for the refund. Sale went well. 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Heath from Adelaide, South Australia 1903 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Monday, 29 August 2011
Thanks for the refund you promptly sent after my claim through your Ad View Gaurantee. The sale went quite well - it was very busy in the morning, but slowed down considerably in the afternoon. I advertised the sale on several websites and in the paper. Nobody mentioned where they saw it advertised. I think your website is great by the way. I hope it continu ... read more
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Submitted by Kate Campbell from Concord West, New South Wales 2305 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Friday, 5 August 2011
Our first garage sale! It was a great success, especially considering that in the days prior to the sale coughs and colds prevented us doing many of the more traditional signs that we had planned. We relied heavily on for our advertising and it worked brilliantly! We got started early setting up, which was good, because even though we ... read more
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Never Miss Another Garage Sale!
Organisation and Promotion 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Jennifer from Canberra, ACT 2316 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Saturday, 30 July 2011
The garage sale went extremely well and most of our items sold the first day. Not having run a garage sale before, I used the tips from your site and found them extremely helpful. We advertised on your site (so useful to be able to give a comprehensive listing of what was available on there), in the newspaper, via letterbox drop to the surrounding streets, a ... read more
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We've finished having babies sale. 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Sarah from Ringwood East, Victoria 2369 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Friday, 29 July 2011
I was a little disappointed that more of our things didn't sell. We made less than $300, and had heaps of things left over. I was surprised at how many older people came to the garage sale, despite the heavy advertising on children's and babies items. ... read more
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