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Have you just recently had a garage sale? Well perhaps you have some great advice or tips for others on how your garage sale went. Maybe some tips on how best to price your items, what they sold for, what sold and what didnt and how to haggle like a pro! The following articles are published so that members can share their experiences and bring together Australia's garage sale community.
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Just Fantastic, happy happy 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by deirdre from Emu Plains, New South Wales 1932 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 8 May 2011
JUST Fantastic, we opened 11am - 5.30pm and made $1000, will advertise again and again, thankyou :) ... read more
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Website helped our first sale. 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Nadine from Dee Why, New South Wales 2433 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Thursday, 5 May 2011
Our first ever garage sale went really well. I forgot to ask people how they found us but I did have people comment that they had seen the photos and had particularly come for certain items. We had many comments on our great signage and how well organised we were. Thank you for all the tips & hints on how to run a garage sale, it definitely made a difference ... read more
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How Best to Price Your Items
A long day and our first garage sale 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Judy from Five Dock, New South Wales 3255 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Saturday, 9 April 2011
After preparing all of last week, our 1st garage sale is finally over! As we don't actually have a garage, we had to have everything ready last night in the hall, & put it all out this morning. Early customers (only 30 mins early thankfully) meant it took a while to finally get everything out on display. We were well organised with similar things set up in b ... read more
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Amazing Results 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Inez Crowe from Narre Warren South, Victoria 2142 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Tuesday, 29 March 2011
We were so busy, flat out until 4pm and we advertised 8-1pm!! 5 Houses in our court got involved and we sold so much, l sold 1,500 and as a court nearly $4000!! People came from everywhere and besides that we all had so much fun. Doing it again next year with 6 Houses!! ... read more
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Rain, rain bring it on!!!!! 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Michelle from Redbank Plains, Queensland 2177 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Tuesday, 22 March 2011
Had my garage sale on the weekend. Set up and then down she came, all day. Ok, I cried for one minute but then figured oh well, we won't melt. So glad I didn't give up. great signage meant people came all day and we sold just about everything! Moral of the story : have a go lovies it will be worth it :) ... read more
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First time Mixed emotions 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Jacinta Radbourn from kenwick, Western Australia 2513 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 6 March 2011
We held our garage sale over two consecutive days. It was a collaborative effort as a friend of ours and a neighbour contributed to the list of goods. The first day (a Saturday) we had quite a few people through. We did have a few large items and we moved a few of those but everyone wanted mainly the smaller items like sunglasses and picture frames. We a ... read more
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What a great garage sale 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Lorraine Holloway from Jimboomba, Queensland 2775 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 12 December 2010
"What a great garage sale", was the comment we recieved from a lot of our buyers. We had buyers queing at the gate from 5.45 am despite our advise that the gate did not open until 7.00 am. We even had huge "thankyou's" from them - grateful that we did not let in the earlybirds - everyone had equal chance. We only had one dealer - who came back twice! ... read more
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Submitted by Kate Dennis from Browns Plains, Queensland 3116 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Saturday, 30 October 2010
I had my garage sale on Saturda,y 30 Oct. I stated clearly the start time - 7am and no early birds. As I had to have my sale on the front lawn of my mother's house, I had planned the start time exactly so as to give me enough time to move everything and set it in place by 7am. But of course, there had to be some people who didn't respect my start time. ... read more
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Entice Buyers with Flexibility 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Barry from Melbourne, Victoria 2603 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Thursday, 28 October 2010
I speak from over 30 years as a buyer. I would like to see sellers accept "Early Birds" rather than state definitely no early birds. Sometimes if I can get to some sales early, it means I can fit more in. Also, given the time the sun rises this time of year, I think all your sellers should advertise 6.00 am starts. The buyers are on the road before then ... read more
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What a Day! 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Leanne from Tarneit, Victoria 2786 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 10 October 2010
I was very nervous about organising our first garage sale but after advertising on this website and reading some of the handy hints helped me relax and enjoy the day. We had a lot of people some through in the first 2-3 hours and that was when most of the larger items went. We had a mixed reponse on how they heard about our sale, we printed (signs from egara ... read more
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