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Set up Postcode Alerts

Click on the Create Alert button. Your email program will open with a pre-filled email. Simply add the post codes you want to follow.

How to choose postcodes.

You can enter individual postcodes, or if you want to reach a larger area, you can choose a central postcode and how far you are prepared to travel.

Delete All Postcode Alerts.

Come back to this page and click on Delete Alerts, or you can reply to an alert email and write Delete Alerts.

Delete Some Postcode Alerts.

You must first delete all alerts and then create new alerts as above for the postcodes you still want.

Manage My Garage Sale Alerts

  Create New Garage Sale Alerts   Delete All My Garage Sale Alerts  

Setting up garage sale alerts is very easy and doesn't require registration.
You can choose to monitor as many postcodes as you like.
You will get an email immediately a new garage sale lists in a postcode you've chosen.
You can opt out of receiving garage sale alerts at any time.
When you click on a button, your email program will open ready to send your instructions.
Simply write in the postcodes you want, and send the email.


The benefits of getting garage sale alerts in a nutshell:

* Our alerts will get an email to you as soon as a garage sale lists in your chosen postcode areas.
* Be first to find out about those last minute garage sale listings. Some people do write their ads the night before.
* Never miss another garage sale ad for your area. You'll have the advantage and get there first!
* You can create alerts for your chosen postcodes at any time by clicking on the Create New Garage Sale Alert button.
* You can stop receiving alerts at any time by clicking on the Delete All My Garage Sale Alerts button.
  Create New Garage Sale Alerts   Delete All My Garage Sale Alerts  
Clicking on the buttons will open your default email program and a new email will be started ready to send to Egaragesales.
When creating alerts, simply add the postcodes you are interested in.
To delete your alerts, you only need to click on SEND.
Your instructions will be actioned within 24 hours.
If you want to add any feedback or comments about the alerts or other issues, you are welcome to do so.
This is the only way we can ensure that your email address is accurate and so prevent emails that don't work.
If you only want to delete some postcodes, you'll need to Delete All, and then you'll need to Create a new postcode list.

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