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Thanks for your help getting our ad ready. My husband and I arent the best at computers and we were so pleased with your patience and help as we fumbled through the form and payment for our ad. We are elderley and still a bit apprehensive about doing things online. So thank you.
Beryl from Melbourne Victoria
Hi. Just started following you guys on Twitter a few weeks ago. Great way to get told about garage sales. Last weekend, a tweet just popped up on Friday night and it was for a garage sale in my suburb. Got some good bargains and I wasn't even going to check for sales that weekend.
Ken from Waterford, Queensland
Thanks for our ad. We had a combined Garage Sale. We all had heaps of fun. Met lots of interesting people, and last but not least we made a profit and got rid of good stuff we no longer needed. We are planning another soon.
S Mac Farlane from Sydney, New South Wales
Hey, just saying thanks heaps for the great service! Your site attracted buyers to our garage sale and we made $500!!! I'll tell anyone else I know that's having a garage sale to drop by ""
Ryan from Burwood, Melbourne Victoria
Thanks for letting us advertise our garage sale on your site.We had a brilliant weekend and Dad just about cleaned out his shed on the first day. I believe our garage sale was a success due to the advertising on your site , keep up the excellent work cheers!.
Shaz from croydon, Victoria
THANK YOU! The ad looks terrific, good information, with the number of hits and the actual map to show where I am, VERY IMPRESSED! Very successful sale netted $400 not bad for a first clean out!
Bob and Betty Priest
Bacchus Marsh, Vic
I have had a wonderful experience with your site and highly recommend it to others!! Browsing through the ads I came across a sale that was located in the street next door. I took a brisk walk on the day of the sale... being sure to wear my hat in the Queensland sunshine.... and came across a little goody that I have been in search of for months!!! I have looked high and low for this little gadget... here, there and everywhere!!!! If you could only imagine my excitement when I laid eyes on this little beauty that I picked up for such a bargain!! And its the original colour... just like my nanna had!! Ahhh, I remember it so well from when I was a little girl. Let me tell you... for all of a $1.00 I finally found a shiny yellow egg slicer! Gone are the days, when I make a mess, slicing my darn eggs for my sandwiches!! Thanks so much for this wonderfull site... I may have never know there was a garage sale on, just a hop, skip and a jump away! Godbless your cotton socks!!!
K Cooper
Camira, Qld
It really works. We live at Gatton in Qld and people came from as far as Toowoomba and inner Ipswich to inspect our Sale, because they saw our AD on We we're totally surprised. They bought quite a few items and really made our day.
Liz and Peter Wailey
Gatton, Qld
Your Make a Sign feature was a great-time saver. Cheers!
S. Lameson
Rochdale, QLD
We recently had a Garage Sale and used your site extensively to promote and plan it. We had good feedback. Just wanted to let you know.
Andrew and Ashley Rosters
Balmain, NSW
Our Garage Sale proved to be a success thanks somewhat to your site. A few couples said they saw our AD online and more than a few commented on our Street Signs which we created using the Sign tool.
Ian and Pat
Newcastle, NSW
Nice site. I found the tips and hints section very informative and helpful.
Jason R.
Melbourne, Vic
We advertised our sale on for 3-4 weeks and had such a positive response that we sold most of our items to buyers online rather than on the actual day of the sale. Thank-you for making things easy.
Hutchinson Family
Daysdale, NSW
I can't believe how cheap this service is. People pay heaps more to put their AD's in the paper and you can't even put much info in.. Great value indeed.
Adam F.
Brisbane, QLD
Love the tips and hints, especially reading the Dos and Donts . People don't realise that organising a Garage Sale and getting it right can take some effort. Your work is much appreciated
Peter Pastiche
Sydney, NSW
Save Time and Use our Garage Sale Signs!
A wonderful job in letting people promote their own Garage Sales by saying as much as they want. Would have cost hundreds in the paper.
Debbie Elkerton
Burwood, NSW
Your site is good for buyers who don't want to waste their time going to sales that really don't have anything of interest. I know what its like turning up to a sale that doesn't have what you want and you might have missed one that did. Very frustrating. That's why your Garage Sale ads help us a lot. Lots of detail.
Russell and Roberta Pierce
Prospect, VIC
Thanks guys for making our Garage Sale worthwhile. You taught us how the smallest things can make a difference and help with sales.
Steve Jacobson
Sydney, NSW
I have tried several times selling my knick knacks on ebay. Arrggghh, it was so annoying having to deal with so many buyers, wait for payment and then organise how to get the items off to them, especially when the items purchase was so minor in value. Garage Sales will always be Garage Sales and they just don't work in any other way. That's why a site such as yours serves a valuable purpose.
Justin P.
Ipswich, QLD
This is a really awesome site. How did you ever come up with the idea? Anyway, it made things a little easier for me.
Lucille Gibson
Sunshine Coast, QLD
Cool site. I think you did a wonderful job. Cheers.
Trent Hassells
Fremantle, WA
Well done. I agree with most of the praises here. We've advertised two sales in the last 2 months and we were pleased with the response.
Ridgehaven, VIC
A friend referred me to your site and I have to say I'm impressed. I'm an avid weekend Garage Sale afficianado. I love bargains and finding love in other people's junk and anything that helps me with my obsession is just wonderful. LoLl. Yes I am a little crazy, so my family tells me.
Riley Family
Melville, WA
Garage Sale Alert - Ingenious! Seriously, it helps me out as I'm too busy to spend my time driving aimlessly around. It's good to know what's actually selling at these sales.
Leon Tungali
Townsville, QLD
Hey Geezer, good site...I can honestly say your ideas about how to run and setup and plan a Garage Sale helped me out immensly. I sold things for decent money and I was very happy..I'll shout you a drink anytime...
Brisbane South, QLD
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